Suez Canal Transit Agency

For more than 20 years, acting as agents for ships transiting through Suez Canal.

Since early 1990's
20 Years & Counting.

Since the early 1990’s and as an expansion step to our professional marine services in Egypt, we have been acting as transit agents in the Suez Canal, the main link connecting three continents and two seas.

El Hamamsy Marine Services Ltd. has been acting as a specialized agent since then, handling project cargoes, heavy lift shipments, floating units, military and IMO cargoes transiting along the canal.

From that point, we have opened two branches in Port Said and Suez, covering North and South bound transits through the canal and through which we serve our reputable clients in the Red Sea region through our experienced staff based in Alexandria, Suez and Port Said offices.

We are also one of the very few experienced agents in dealing with semi-submersible vessels matters with SCA as well as project, heavy lifts, floating, IMO and military cargoes that require special considerations and coordination with owners and SCA.